A very-early-spring ride in the American Alps

Last weekend, I took my bike to the North Cascades, for a scenic ride, and a reconnaissance mission to see whether it was time for a camping trip to Diablo Lake.  It was a great ride, anyway.  😉

The North Cascades Highway, also known as State Route 20, is closed at mile 134, just east of the Ross Lake Trailhead.  Every winter, DOT close the road because of avalanche danger.  What all this means is that SR 20 is a quiet, dead-end road;  during my ride, I saw perhaps a dozen cars, a few motorcycles, and no other bikes.  This won’t be the case in July.

I parked at the Goodell Creek Campground, just west of Newhalem.  While the place isn’t terribly interesting, it has lots of parking, and you can leave your car here while you go enjoy the scenery.  There are dozens of legit places to leave your car … this is the one that wound up being right for me.  This sent me through the little town of Newhalem and through the Gorge, before reaching lakes and mountains.

A tunnel on SR 20

A small waterfall next to the road


Diablo Lake ... and my bike

End of the road (for now)

Nothing but a bike, the open road, and snow.


4 thoughts on “A very-early-spring ride in the American Alps

    • Mountains are my spiritual center. 😉 They’re a bit of a challenge to bike up, but the reward happens coming down. And whenever I look at the pictures afterwards.

  1. I just finished reading all of your blog posts. Good Job! I found the answer to my photo issue on my Mountain Quest blog. I thought I would clean up my photo gallery the other day and didn’t realize that by doing so would pull the photos off of my posts. Please let me know if you still have any trouble viewing them.

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