Route 2: Gold Bar to Skykomish in the Spring

Saturday could hardly have been better; I spent the day on my bike putting miles behind me, surrounded by snowy mountains.  To be perfectly honest, I was surprised just how nice it was.  This is the time of year to see the mountains.

Midway through the ride

A serpentine road winds under jagged, snowy peaks

A pull out, with full parking lot

The River Skykomish - a scenic pullout

When I was younger, I used to go up toward Steven’s Pass pretty often.  At some point, and I’m not sure exactly when, I stopped coming here, preferring other ways into the high country.  Last fall, at the end of the season, for the first time in (5 or more?) years, I drove up US 2, with my bike, and rode from Skykomish to Steven’s Pass and back.  And then this…

For most of the ride, I felt like I’d never seen any of this before in my life.  This was strange, because I could remember last year’s trip, and even the micro-climates on the way in … but I couldn’t connect that with the places I found myself cycling in.  Of course this made the ride that much more exciting!  Then, suddenly, I rounded a bend and had a powerful sense of having been here before.

Near the Money Creek Campground

Yogi Berra was right: it's deja vu all over again!

I remembered having stopped my car at this same place, in the photo above, setting up a tripod, walking around and taking in the scenery … but very little of the lay of the land before or after this little place. Mind you, the nearby town of Skykomish wasn’t gone from my memory, but most of the open road was. I guess, from a car, it wasn’t so memorable.

More shots.

Almost to my high point for the day...

You're supposed to feel 'portrait orientation' in the mountains.

My bike alongside the river

I like this, odd as it is.

This town was the turn-around point for the day

The bridge to the little town of Skykomish

A snowy, icy wall of rock

Heading back down the mountains


4 thoughts on “Route 2: Gold Bar to Skykomish in the Spring

  1. Really nice photos and scenic view. These roads and montains seems to be made for bikers (and for photographers as well)

  2. Thanks!

    Ironically, I’ve been thinking of my road bike as a mountain bike lately … because I keep taking it into the mountains. I’d love to get a dedicated MTB, though. I know there are a lot of trails in the area, although, sadly, I don’t know exactly where most of them are.

  3. Skykomish! My hometown!
    Do you mountain bike too? There’s a great trail ride in Wenatchee–Devil’s Gulch.
    I liked your photos of Teanaway and Lake Wenatchee on other posts too.

    • Thanks!

      I haven’t been on a mountain bike in a while (mostly because there just aren’t that many trails west of Snoqualmie, but deeper into the mountains than the Issy Alps). But I’m realizing it’s time to fix that. Somebody told me about a few trails in the area, and near the Teanaway, too. And the map makes it look like Beckler River Road (just outside your hometown – I’m sure you know that) goes on forever as a dirt road… Anyway, I haven’t been traveling that much with my bike until this year, and now I feel like a kid in a candy store.

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