Waterfall on the Iron Horse Trail in the Cascade Mountains

This is an oldie but a goodie, from my first ride on the Iron Horse (aka John Wayne) Trail, on July 10th, 2006:

A waterfall tucked away near the trail

A small waterfall, hidden away next to the trail.

This was my first bike ride up in the mountains, and I made a bit of a mistake.  I brought my camera with me, and a very heavy tripod, and two lenses.  😮

Photography and cycling are two of my great loves in life, but rarely have the twain met.  Perhaps this excursion has been a reason why?  This was earlier on “in my cycling career” (no, I don’t ride professionally) when I rode a great deal, but didn’t know all that much about bikes.  I had no rack or panniers to help me carry my load, just a heavy backpack, pulling down on my shoulders.  Recently, I’ve adopted a pocket-sized camera, and ditched the tripod – at least while I’m on the bike.

A pair of friends invited me for this ride, along the Iron Horse rails-to-trails path.  I’ll post more about the trail later;  after carrying all that weight for 25+ miles, these two photos were all I brought back.  Oh well, lesson learned.

My friends are not photographers, which helps to explain why I used my camera so rarely on this trip.  Nobody wants to be “that guy,” making his friends wait as he sets up the tripod, etc.  So I shot these while we had lunch, after scrambling up the creek to get just the right view.

I saw this waterfall on the way out, and we stopped on the way back.  I’ve been on the Iron Horse Trail countless times in the years since then, and I’ve never been able to find it again.

The upper section of the falls

A closer view of the upper section of the falls, and the pool it forms.

Ironically, at the time, I thought this ^ would be the better of the two photos.  The main column of falling water seduced me, but, as time goes on, I prefer the first photo more and more.  What do you think?


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