9 thoughts on “Beyond the Cascade Crest (Steven’s Pass to Lake Wenatchee)

  1. Ah! It will be a few years before I could even attempt riding my bike up and down a mountain. Wow, just wow. I am too uncertain of the people who like to drive cars and their ability to actually drive them to attempt riding up and down a mountain at this point. I have also never done any long distance biking. I use my bike solely for in-city transport and the longest I have ever done is 13 miles round trip. Pretty lame compared to these beautiful and lengthy rides you speak of here on your blog.
    Biking is something that I thoroughly enjoy and I really need to step it up this year and put in some distance. It would be to my benefit, as there is so much of my new town left unexplored and simply because, I cannot reach it. I suppose I should start with the lake front bike trail and build up from there. Any suggests for just starting out, also, my bike is heavy frame cruiser. GASP!

  2. The rule I heard is that if you can make it through the first three miles, you’ll finish a mountain ride. In Seattle, we have (a lot of) rolling hills – you climb one, then you go down the other side. It might be flat for a moment, and then you climb the next one. In the mountains, you need to wrap your head around the idea that you’ll be climbing forever, like Sisyphus pushing the boulder. Once you accept it, things get easier, and, eventually, after an eternity passes, you reach the top. And what a reward coming back down!

    You should start with the Lake Front Trail, on a sunny day, and do some exploring. Bring some of those cool bike accessories you were showing off. And put some photos from your trip online afterwards. 😉

    • It was a fantastic ride, for a bunch of reasons … not least of which is that I’d never been to Lake Wenatchee before, and exploring new ground is always a treat. 🙂

  3. NIce photos, good to see the snow is melting around Lake Wenatchee at about the same rate as around Cle Elum. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have fun photographing wildflowers in the Teanaway. Glacier lilies and spring beauties are just starting to emerge here.

    • I didn’t realize the Teanaway was wildflower country … but I guess that should have been obvious. Unlike the west side of the Cascades, the forest is open out there; the sun actually reaches the ground. (It’s more like Paradise than the inside of the Big Four Ice Cave…!) Basically, the Teanaway is a magical happy place. I can’t wait to go back!

      Glacier lilies are especially wonderful, by the way.

  4. I really like these wintertime shots of the mountains, the pictures from Lake Wenatchee are breathtaking. One of these days you’ll have to hike up Dirtyface Peak (I think that’s it behind the saddle of your bike, but I’m not sure) so you can look down and see where you were for your ride. It looks like you have yourself some great adventures on your bike. Very good shooting, too. Thanks for the visit on my Iron Peak picture. The Teanaway is a wonderful area, I hope you get a chance to explore there in the future. You’ll love it if you time it right…..

    • Thanks! And I have to agree about the pictures from Lake Wenatchee being breathtaking, although I don’t think I can take much credit for it. What a place! For a while now, I’ve been convinced that Diablo was the most dramatic lake in the state, with Ross as a close second. But Wenatchee brings that into question.

      You’ve talked me into hiking Dirtyface Peak … after a bit more thaw happens. I checked the map (one of those 3D, Hubbard Scientific ones) and found Iron Peak after seeing your photos, and, well, I have a lot of hiking to look forward to this summer… 🙂

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