My little brother used to work in Edmonds, and it’s the ferry terminal that’s most convenient to visit my mother on the peninsula. So I’m familiar with the seashore town of Edmonds, meaning it’s never seemed very exotic to me. But this isn’t the time for exotic; the sun sets at 4:30 pm, and rain is an almost daily problem. We had a sunny day, and I decided to bring my bike up north and explore Edmonds in more detail.

My bike and one of the Washington State Ferries.

The beach and the ferry terminal at Edmonds.

I parked at the edge of downtown, rode to the waterfront, and then set off to the north. You can hug the coast almost indefinitely; I followed it to Meadowdale, where the weather began to sour, and started east. Eventually the coastal foresty country turns into suburbs. This is where I began a convoluted trip back to Edmonds. All in all it was a moderately hilly 20 mile loop, and a very cold one.

Puget Sound in black and white

Mount Baker towering over Puget Sound, its glacial ice-cap covered in a fresh layer of snow.

This was a short ride, and I won’t bore you with a specific route. Unlike a ride over Steven’s Pass, where your options are limited to US 2 (or the old train route, which I haven’t taken), the roads through Edmonds are an urban grid, meaning you can follow any route you like. Mine almost surely wasn’t the best of all routes.

Sunset at the ferry terminal

Sunset over the ferry terminal, with the Olympic Range in the distance behind Puget Sound.

If you decide to explore Edmonds, do it on a clear day for the views. Consider heading north to the next ferry terminal at Mukilteo, or south into Seattle. Or simply check the map and find a route that appeals to you.


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