5 thoughts on “The Leavenworth Loop (2013)

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I love cycling in the countryside as well. Also, are my eyes deceiving me or do you have two different cervelos? I’ve always wanted one for myself!

    • Hi! Thanks for the visit!

      Your eyes are not deceiving you. I went by the local bike shop on my way home one day, and saw a pretty Cervelo out front, on their used rack. I already had one, my first really nice road bike, and loved it, so curiosity took over, I stopped, and it fit me perfectly. I traded in a CX bike and got the Soloist for $450, with decent wheels and an Ultegra group! I use it as a backup, rain bike, and to commute to work; the one I took on this ride is my pleasure bike.

  2. I made it to Leavenworth for the first time, this January, and I loved it up there (although it was pretty chilly outside). The mountains are amazing.. I can only imagine what it’d be like riding a bike up there. May have to take my motorcycle on an extended road trip this summer, and catch some of that fresh mountain air!

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