7 thoughts on “Stehekin

  1. My buddy and I spent a night there once having paddled across Lake Chelan from Lucerne in a keel-less inflatable kayak (didn’t go straight at all!) and rode the road on old three-speeds loaned to us. We snuck into the school along the way and played some ferocious ping-pong. Very memorable! Thanks for the report!

    • I passed the school, but didn’t sneak in … I guess I missed out!

      I saw some beautiful photos of somebody’s hike from Lucerne to Stehekin, they made a ~40 mile trek, through Spider Meadow and by Lyman Lake. I’d never been to Stehekin before, personally, and hiking such a long way in was a great introduction. I’m looking forward to going back, and you’ve just offered the fourth idea for a spectacular trip. 🙂

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