I’m a photographer and a cyclist – both by hobby – living in Seattle.  I’m also a lover of mountains.

I’ve spent most of my life cycling. When I was very young, my mother used to pull me (and my brother, once he was born) behind her bike in a little trailer. I always wanted more, and didn’t care how sore her legs were. I remember the training wheels coming off my own bike, which was a very nervous right of passage; later, I remember buying my first bike as an adult. There have been short and frustrated periods where I haven’t had a bike, but I knew from the very first time I rode a bike that this was something I loved dearly, and that’s never changed.

Fortune smiled on me a few years ago and I was able to buy my first really nice road bike. This watershed moment brought a new honeymoon period, during which I rode just about every street in Seattle. Eventually, though, a person gets bored riding in even the most beautiful of places, and cycling had become a priority to the exclusions of other things, like hiking. Finally, I realized that it wasn’t cheating to drive a bike to the start of a ride, and thus began my exploration of the great Pacific Northwest beyond Seattle, with a focus on rides that make you feel like you’re hiking.

On the North Cascades Highway

Me, at the (temporary) end of the road, SR 20, which has been closed for the winter thanks to avalanche danger.

Since I began traveling with my bike, I’ve covered a lot of ground:

My personalized map

This blog was created to detail the best of these rides.

Also, I’m a hiker/backpacker and a climber. I’ve created a second blog for non-bike trip reports, with the same great photography and mountain scenery: Northwest Outdoors.


5 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Forrest!
    Percy here from the BF forums. Just wanted to say thanks for opening this blog. Your pictures are spectacular and a real selling point to some of these rides. I look forward to reading every entry!

    • Percy Kittens from the bike forums! How are you doing? I hope you’ve been enjoying long rides with big hills to make your heart sing with joy!

      Come back every now and then; I’m going to do a lot of exploring, and I’ll post about the better rides I find.

  3. Great blog!!! I’ve been an avid hiker the last few years and I too love the mountains. Recent knee issues have brought me back to cycling. Thank you for showing another perspective on enjoying the mountains and their beauty. Maybe we can go for a ride sometime when I get more in shape!
    Bryan K

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